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Direct Pay believe every business in the UK should be able to meet the ever increasing demand to accept credit and debit cards, reliably and cost effectively. Already trusted by thousands of retail and leisure businesses, we are one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the UK.



new to card payments?

Accepting card payments with Direct Pay is simple. There are a whole host of reasons to start accepting card payments in your business today. The number of debit card payments overtook the number of payments made by cash in 2017 — for the first time ever according to UK Finance, a year earlier than anticipated.

The Average Transaction Value of a business is typically increased by between 25% and 40% when card payments are introduced and consumer behaviour and spending patterns indicate that businesses that don’t accept card payments, could well get left behind.  What’s more, accepting card payments means less cash and cheques to deposit, so you’re likely to incur fewer bank fees.

Whether you’re a start up business, online entrepreneur or want a convenient way for customers to pay, Direct Pay have the solution. With a short 12-24 month contract options and a pricing package to suit to you, get your FREE quote today.

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How much does it cost to accept card payments?

The credit card processing fees depend on several factors. We can let you know the cost breakdown once we get to know a bit more about your business, such as the nature of your business, turnover and the type of card machine you’ll need to process payments (either Countertop, Portable or Mobile card machines or online and virtual payments). The merchant services charges are what you pay on each transaction and we can find the pricing plan and rates for your business needs.

How long does it take for the money to reach my bank?

With most other providers, it takes 2-5 business days. We understand that cashflow is king for small businesses so when you start accepting card payments with Direct Pay, you get access to same day settlement for face to face transactions with Faster Payments. This means the days takings can be in your account by dinner time!  For online payments it will take an average of four to five days for card payments to clear.

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Why Switch to Direct Pay?

We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to you and your business. Our card payment solutions are simple to set up.

  • Free review of your current charges and advice from a payments specialist
  • Save up to 50% on your card processing charges
  • Small business specialists
  • No joining or set up fees
  • No cancellation fees when you leave at the end of your contract
  • No hidden charges
  • No MMSC (Minimum Monthly Service Charge)
  • Low-cost transaction rates and monthly terminal rental
  • Faster Payments with same day settlement to your bank account
  • Real Time transaction data with Direct Pay Analytics
  • Simple and straightforward set up


  • Get a free review of your current charges and fees.
  • Our switcher service allows you to upload a recent merchant statement
  • for a no obligation quote and it only takes a minute.

PCI DSS compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative.  PCI DSS is a set of mandatory requirements that apply to all businesses taking credit and debit card payments and is designed to protect the security of your business, your customers and the banks. PCI Compliance ensures card data processing and storage is secure, protecting against fraud and other financial crime.

Being compliant will not stop fraudsters targeting your business, but it will place you in the strongest position to prevent an attack and avoid the financial penalties and potential long term damage that can occur to your business as a result.


We recommend that all merchants comply with the PCI Data Security Standards as it protects your business and gives you peace of mind. Failure to comply can have serious long-term consequences. If there is a security breach of data from within your organisation, and you are not able to demonstrate PCI DSS compliance, you could be liable for any losses that arise and could face a substantial fine imposed by the Card Schemes, or a ban on accepting cards altogether!

Whether you are accepting card payments for the first time or switching card payment providers, it is your responsibility to ensure you remain compliant but with [Your Company name], this is simple.


When you join us, you will complete an online PCI Compliance assessment (called a SAQ – Self Assessment Questionnaire).

Your monthly PCI management fee includes membership to the PCI Programme and helps to manage compliance on your account.

You will receive annual reminders to renew your PCI DSS certificate online, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you avoid non-compliance penalties.


Your monthly PCI management fee does not cover non compliance fees which can be costly to your business so you must ensure you remain compliant. Therefore, you must renew your PCI DSS certificate on an annual basis in order to remain compliant and avoid non-compliance fees from the acquirer. The full set of standards can be found on the PCI SSC’s website

our banking partners.

Our partners are Elavon Merchant Services, part of US Bancorp Group are one of the top 5 card acquiring banks in the world, each year Elavon processes over 3 billion transactions globally, worth more than £170 billion. In our opinion Elavon’s customer service is second to none. Providing this excellent customer service to our clients was the most important factor when deciding which card acquirer to partner with, and is why we are delighted to have Elavon on board. Need to contact Direct Pay regarding your invoice? Please call 0161 850 9749 and have your Merchant ID number (MID) to hand.

Simplicity & Reliability

Our card machines come with plug and play technology, making it easy to get started. Our modern, reliable and secure card terminals come with free 24/7 support (phone, email and online) and next day terminal swap out.

Great rates

Our best-in-class transaction rates, zero MMSC (minimum monthly service charge) and low terminal rental means you control your card acceptance costs. Faster payments (same day settlement) ensures the money is in your account sooner.


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